Meet Jelly Kelly's Friends!

Hey welcome, we are so happy to see you here! We are certainly sure that you know all about Jelly Kelly and her silly antics but what about all the other amazing characters from Jelly Kelly TV. Come on, lets jump in and go on a magical tour and make some news friends.

Mr Glennybean the Greatest

Mr Glennybean is fab, fantastic and fun, well sometimes he does get a little bit grumpy with Jelly Kellys mischief. He is also very clever you know and very good at stuff. He especially loves to build, fix and mend things and he loves to solve problems. He is really good at numbers, and he is always helping Jelly Kelly with her math’s homework. Although he doesn’t seem to know his colors and gets very confused. Mr Glennybeans secret skills are science and magic he is always very excited when he has a new experiment or magic trick to show off, All in all Mr Glennybean and Jelly Kelly are the best of friends.

Bubbles the Elephant

Bubbles is Jelly Kellys best friend in the whole wide world and they have been making mischief together ever since they meet. Bubbles is a big pink cuddly Elephant and she just cant help but be super cute. Bubbles loves cake and she will stop and nothing to get her favorite treats. She loves to sing and dance and go on adventures with her best friend but sometimes they can get into a spot of bother.

Foxy Dog

Now Foxy dog doesn’t like to play much in fact he wishes everyone would just be quiet so he can enjoy a nice cup of tea and relax with his friend, Puss Cat.

Slow Mo

He came for a holiday and decided to stay forever. Slow Mo is the slowest cleaner and gardener in town, but what he lacks in speed he makes up for in kindness.

Puss Cat

Can you speak cat? neither can Jelly Kelly or Glennybean, and it makes Puss Puss very annoyed. Puss is the boss she is the Queen of Jellybean Manor and Jelly Kelly is her pet clown, although Jelly Kelly has no idea that this is her reality. Frustrated and sleepy, its not easy rulling a kingdom full of clowns.

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