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Searching high and low looking for mini clowns is what Jelly Kelly Clown does best. Everyone has so much fun that when Mr Glennybean says “its time to go home Jelly Kelly”, She is often prone to a tantrum or two.
Its why the Muffins Kids Club was first created.
Jelly Kelly’s heart is so big she doesn’t want the fun to end. Meeting hundred and thousands of amazing, scrumptiously cute, fun and talented little Muffins (kids) on her travels through party land Jelly Kelly had an idea, she decided to create a kids club which would be a way to stay connected with all her awesome friends. 
Each year Mr Glennybean throws a big birthday party for Jelly Kelly and guess who she invites? The Muffins of course!!
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Every child is born perfect and unique, lets celebrate and praise every child in the Jelly Kelly way. Play is powerful. 

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